Tax Law

Dealing With Tax Issues in Florida

Whether your business or personal tax situation requires the intervention of an attorney depends on the situation you are facing. In some cases, homeowners are faced with unfair valuations of their property. Getting a high property tax bill because your home is being over-assessed requires someone with the patience to research this type of matter fully. We are fully prepared to assist with these matters and provide the information needed to help you successfully get your tax bill lowered.

There are other issues which often arise with federal taxes including audits, unfiled taxes, or unpaid taxes resulting in wage garnishment. It is also possible to face problems with tax matters including sales taxes, usage taxes, and more. Whenever you are facing issues with taxes, you need to work with an attorney who has experience handling these complicated matters.

If you are in South Florida or the Miami Lakes area and you are facing issues pertaining to income, or property taxes, contact The Law Office of Tesha Allison, P.A. immediately. Ignoring tax issues will not make them go away, in fact, it will only make them worse. Contact us today and let us review your tax issues, help you understand what options you have, and help you find the right solution to your tax issues.