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Thousands of successful real estate transactions are completed annually in South Florida and the Miami Lakes area. What most people are unaware of is one reason these transactions are completed in a relatively stress-free manner is because both parties involved were represented by an attorney who has experience handing Florida real estate transactions.

There are several steps which an attorney takes during a real estate transaction which you may be unaware of including verifying the title to the property is free from defects. Verifying there are no tax liens, mechanics liens, or persons listed as owners who are not part of the transaction is a necessity to prevent you from facing issues later.

Purchasing property is a long-term commitment. Chances are, the purchase is also one of the most significant financial investments you will make in your lifetime. We can help you through this process and make sure your interests are protected. You can contact us prior to signing a purchase and sale agreement to review the contract, and we will stay with you throughout the process until the deed is transferred into your name.

If you are considering a real estate transaction, contact The Law Offices of Tesha Allison, P.A. and let us represent you from your initial commitment through the closing time. We have helped hundreds of parties avoid legal issues after the completion of real estate transactions.