Premises Liability

premises injury

Understanding Florida Premises Liability

Business and residential property owners must understand the laws as they apply to their obligations to keep visitors safe. As a property owner, if an owner becomes aware of a hazard to potential visitors, they must take immediate steps to address the hazard. Should they be unable to address the hazard, warning signs should be clearly displayed to ensure those who are entering the property are aware of the hazard. Failure to follow these simple steps could result in the owner facing legal action should you suffer an injury on their property.

When You Have Suffered an Injury

If you have suffered an injury on someone’s property after being there for a legitimate reason, you have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit. These lawsuits are helpful in recovering compensation for your injuries. In many cases, a court will award the costs of medical bills, recovery of lost wages, and punitive damages against the property owner.

Since you need to file a lawsuit before the statutes of limitations expire, we strongly recommend you contact our offices, The Law Office of Tesha Allison, P.A. immediately after suffering an injury. We provide legal services to residents across the Miami Lakes Area and South Florida. Contact us today and let us review your case.