Legal Malpractice

legal malpractice

Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

When you turn to an attorney for legal help, you expect them to represent your best interests. We understand that from time to time, you may feel your interests were not represented fairly, accurately, or as vigorously as possible. This is one reason why we have helped those who feel they have been harmed because an attorney failed in their responsibility.

Types of Legal Malpractice

In most cases, legal malpractice is categorized in one of three areas. Breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence. The specifics can be defined as:

  • Breach of contract – an attorney fails to uphold their responsibility under the terms of the contract with their client.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty – an attorney has an obligation to tell you if they have a conflict of interest with someone involved in the other party’s case. For example, if an attorney’s family member is a member of the other person’s legal team, they must inform you of this conflict before you agree to hire them.
  • Negligence – when an attorney fails to file paperwork on time with the courts which causes your case harm, this could be considered negligent behavior.

If you feel your case outcome would have been different had your attorney acted in a more responsible manner, contact The Law Offices of Tesha Allison, P.A. immediately. We can help residents of South Florida and the Miami Lakes Area fight back against inadequate counsel.