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Work With an Experienced Immigration Attorney When a member of your family is facing an immigration issue, it impacts your entire family. You want an attorney who has experience dealing with these unique matters, someone who can help you solve the problem. The United States immigration rules are complicated. When you or a loved one […]

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Immigration family


Dealing With Tax Issues in Florida Whether your business or personal tax situation requires the intervention of an attorney depends on the situation you are facing. In some cases, homeowners are faced with unfair valuations of their property. Getting a high property tax bill because your home is being over-assessed requires someone with the patience […]

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Tax Law

Estate Planning

Florida Estate Planning The Miami Lakes area has a median age of 38, income just slightly more than $75,000 per year and average real estate values exceeding $325,000. These numbers are higher than the average for all of Florida and demonstrate the importance of an estate plan. Florida Wills for Simple Estates Many Miami Lakes […]

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estate planning

Business Services

Business Services Lawyer in Florida Starting a new business, or growing an existing business is exciting. However, there are some legal matters which should be addressed when getting started. The last thing any of us needs is to discover after we have opened the doors is that we have failed to comply with Florida regulations, […]

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business services

Real Estate

Florida Real Estate Transaction Attorney Thousands of successful real estate transactions are completed annually in South Florida and the Miami Lakes area. What most people are unaware of is one reason these transactions are completed in a relatively stress-free manner is because both parties involved were represented by an attorney who has experience handing Florida […]

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Real Estate Law

Lawsuit Defense

Florida Lawsuit Defense There are few things more intimidating than being informed you are being sued. When you are served with a summons to appear in court, you should contact an attorney immediately and explain what the lawsuit is about. You will need to be prepared to aggressively defend yourself and this requires a skilled […]

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lawsuit defense

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Florida Suffering an injury is traumatic. When you know the injury could have been avoided had someone else acted in a responsible manner can be devastating. Any type of injury suffered in a car accident, on someone else’s property, or because of a defective product will impact your life. Not only […]

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Personal Injury Law

Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice Lawsuits When you turn to an attorney for legal help, you expect them to represent your best interests. We understand that from time to time, you may feel your interests were not represented fairly, accurately, or as vigorously as possible. This is one reason why we have helped those who feel they have […]

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legal malpractice

Civil Litigation

Florida Civil Litigation Practice Unfortunately, in some cases, a dispute between two parties cannot be resolved outside of court. When a dispute cannot be resolved, you have the right to file a lawsuit to resolve the dispute. Civil law covers a wide range of issues including breach of contract, landlord-tenant disputes, and personal injury claims. […]

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civil litigation

Premises Liability

Understanding Florida Premises Liability Business and residential property owners must understand the laws as they apply to their obligations to keep visitors safe. As a property owner, if an owner becomes aware of a hazard to potential visitors, they must take immediate steps to address the hazard. Should they be unable to address the hazard, […]

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premises injury